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Parker Chomerics

For over 80 years, Robert McKeown Co., Inc. has been serving as a world-class engineered materials distributor for the electronics industry, with a focus on providing expert assistance on design and redesign projects.

Parker Chomerics

Parker Chomerics

Our reputation as an industry leader stems in part from our careful selection of the various companies we work with. We enter into distribution partnerships with only the most highly regarded materials manufacturers producing the highest-quality and most reliable products. One such partner is Parker Chomerics.

Parker Chomerics Products from Robert McKeown

A division of the respected Parker Hannifin Corp., Chomerics has been a leading innovator in the conductive elastomer field since 1961. Today, in addition to a variety of thermal interface products, Parker Chomerics manufactures a multitude of electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding materials. Robert McKeown is proud to carry a number of Chomerics’ EMI shielding solutions, including:

CHO-FOIL EMI Shielding Tape

A versatile and cost-efficient EMI shielding solution, CHO-FOIL EMI Shielding Tapes from Parker Chomerics are available foil-backed in aluminum, copper, or tinned copper. These tapes are made with a highly conductive pressure-sensitive adhesive. Also available in embossed versions for applications in which aesthetics are a concern, CHO-FOIL is ideal for EMI cable shielding.

CHO-FAB EMI Shielding Tape

Made with the same highly conductive pressure-sensitive adhesive as CHO-FOIL, CHO-FAB is backed with nickel-plated cloth for strong corrosion resistance without any loss in conformability.

CHO-THERM Commercial Grade Thermal Insulator Pads

Available with or without adhesive, CHO-THERM Commercial Grade Thermal Insulator Pads are designed primarily for thermal conductivity but maintain some EMI shielding properties. CHO-THERM pads are available in fiberglass or polyimide (Kapton).

Low Closure Force EMI Strip Gaskets

Parker Chomerics’ Low Closure Force EMI Strip Gaskets — available in square, rectangular, D, P, and L shapes, among others, including custom options — are ideal for a range of commercial electronic enclosure EMI shielding applications. These strip gaskets can be manufactured from a variety of urethanes and urethane foams and are covered in a layer of nickel-plated silver-woven nylon.

Common applications include the doors, faceplates, ground pads, and seams of electronics panels that apply low closure force.

SOFT-SHIELD® 3500 EMI Strip Gaskets

Specialized low-closure force EMI strip gaskets, the SOFT-SHIELD® 3500 family of products is incredibly versatile.

These strip gaskets are available in more than 200 different profiles, with more under continual development. Conductive jackets can be constructed from a wide range of materials, including nickel-plated taffeta, nickel-plated rip-stop polyester, and halogen-free nickel-plated rip-stop fabric.

Below is a list of some benefits from SOFT-SHIELD® 3500 strip gaskets:

  • Reasonable cost
  • EMI shielding of more than 100 dB
  • RoHS compliance
  • REACH compliance
  • Very strong low-compression set properties
  • Strong abrasion and shear resistance in conductive jackets

THERM-A-GAP™ Filler Pads

Chomerics' THERM-A-GAP™ gap filler pads and sheets provide enhanced thermal conductivity for a wide range of applications including telecommunications equipment, lighting, automotive electronics, consumer electronics, semiconductors, and more. THERM-A-GAP™ thermal interface materials offer superior performance by filling air voids between PC boards, heat sinks, and other high temperature components.

Authorized Parker Chomerics Distributor

To learn more about the EMI shielding solutions Robert McKeown Co. can offer as a proud Parker Chomerics distributor, check out our Chomerics product catalog. Or, to discuss how these shielding products can help with your next project, contact the team today.