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EMI Shielding Materials: Gaskets and Tapes

Robert McKeown Company, Inc. is an industry leader providing the highest quality EMI shielding materials on the market today. Protecting people and equipment from electromagnetic interference is important for safe operation of a wide range of electrical and electronic products.

We offer a wide variety of EMI shielding materials for industrial and commercial applications. EMI shielding gaskets are available in many materials such as an electrically conductive fabric jacket over a highly compressible urethane foam core, a wire mesh, and a gel. Each of these gasket materials provides effective EMI shielding for electronic enclosures, I/O connectors, and communication devices. Wire mesh EMI shielding gasket material can be cut into intricate shapes for specific applications.

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EMI shielding tape is designed for applications that require reliable point-to-point electrical contact. These tapes are backed with aluminum or copper and are used extensively in electronic prototyping, design and troubleshooting.

Our extensive inventory of EMI shielding materials guarantees that we will have a solution for any application. Contact Robert McKeown today to learn all about EMI shielding materials used to manufacture the gaskets and tapes used extensively in electronic applications.

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